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Coffee Tumbler 20oz

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Coffee Tumbler 20oz

Do you have a cup of coffee or tea most mornings? We sure do! On hose early, crisp mornings, wouldn’t it be great if it’s still warm?  Whether it's on your way to work or an adventure in the mountains; that's the idea with our Coffee Tumbler 20oz. It will keep your drinks at the temperature most desired, warm or cold, while you’re out exploring or running around living life. 

We also gave our tumbler an anti-slip coating, so it doesn’t sweat with those icy, cool drinks in the summer or hot, tasty beverages in the winter. This helps you keep a grip on your refreshment when you know you're creating memories that you'll be telling around a campfire for years to come. Insert your own ridiculous idea as to why this is good. We have a couple. But how about we leave that up to you and your imagination.

    • Volume 20 oz
    • Material 304 Stainless Steel
    • Material of Lid BPA-Free Plastic Lid
    • No-Slip, Solid-Grip exterior - means the bottle stays in your hand, no matter how sweaty the situation
  • Weight 340 g, 12 oz